You are a engineering specialist on a winter over team in Antarctica.

Due to a system malfunction, a large explosion destabilizes the ice

and plunges ArchTech station into chaos. Amidst this emergency

situation, you must take charge of the remaining crew in order to

escape the imminent destruction of the base. Your key to survival may

lie in the potential of the "MACHINE"-- a world altering device;

catastrophe. Will you use the Machine despite the risk? Will you put

your life on the line to save the remaining crew? How you choose to

lead will change the fate of those around you and the world you live

in, for better or for worse.

Key Features

Every puzzle and player-challenge was designed to test the player's mind. Additionally, provided within the game itself is enough information to solve each puzzle and challenge (so that you don't have to rely on hints outside the game).
The technological advancements on ArchTech station are like none in the known world. The dark energy and matter research has led to ground breaking discoveries in matter-renewal. Players will be able to see first hand what unhindered scientific progress looks like.
The characters in Whiteout redefine Non-Player-Character. They go beyond the norm and will not only listen to your suggestions, but will also be affected psychologically by the decisions you make.
Beating the game once through has a moderate level of difficulty, but the game comes with a whole host of challenges that may never be met by the player in a typical “winning” playthrough.
Exploring may be in your best interest, as certain areas will certainly give an advantage to beating all the games tests and challenges. These secret areas provide new items, better escape routes, and hidden character clues. With that exploration also comes unearthed secrets about the tragedies of the past.